La Compagnia della Rosa e della Spada, I Cavalieri del Giglio and Sala di Scherma Storica del Circolo Posillipo have the pleasure to present the fifth edition of Dimicatori Austri Partes, an event dedicated to the Historical European Martial Arts.
Swordsmanship will be this year's event's cornerstone, as well with competitions, seminars and free sparrings.
Austri Partes is a by-invitation-only event: whoever for some reason did't receive an invitation but wants to join anyway can contact our admission/external-contacts responsible, Marco de Filippo.
Submission form will be opened on Wednesday, 11th April.


Saturday, May 26th

Sunday, May 27th


Disciplines to sign up are:


Yet being scheduled.


Throughout the challenges' executions, there will be an area set for free sparrings with your own equipments; we encourage you to join this section as well, in order to experience an always useful confrontation with other athletes.


For details concerning food and lodging, and road informations you can find them here.

Curiosity: “Austri Partes” can be translated as "south's wind's regions" or simply "southern regions", for Austro is a wind that blows in that direction.
We want thus highlight that the event's organization is looked after by southern Italian associations, and that it is the first HEMA tournament in this area of our country.

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